Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Has it really been that long??

LL says:

Wow. Has it really been that long since we posted? Yikes. Well, life takes over and renovations take a back seat. Sort of. We have taken a break from breaking our backs renovating. It's hard!! Especially when we have jobs to do and bands to play in (more on that later). 

In the spring, it came to our attention that the side of our house needed repairing. Which meant ripping the siding off, reframing, re-insulating, replacing the windows, laying concrete and ignoring the problem for months on end. Ha. I would rather go swimming in lakes, hang out with friends on patios and go to rock shows. We managed to have a fun summer, but the side of the house was open to the elements for a long time. We finally boarded it up and are still on the daunting task of re-siding. It is winter here in Vancouver, therefore copious amounts of rain. Which means, who the heck wants to put up siding in the cold rain, and not get paid for it?!! Not I butterfly. Which is exactly why I went to rock shows. Well, my own rock shows.

This year I decided to focus my efforts towards reclaiming my youth and started a 90s alternative rock band called Dating Myself. We wrote/recorded/released an album in 10 months, and played a couple great shows. You can listen to/get the album (on cassette too) HERE.

So with my attention focused towards rock and NOT concrete, the renovations have taken a back seat. But have no fear, we have plans to continue with Lez Renovate, posting videos and keeping you updated in the new year. 

One fun thing of note is that we have been featured in Home Decor & Renovations! You know, that magazine you can find everywhere at transit stations and home reno places? Yeah. You can also see the article on the e-zine. Click HERE and follow these directions to find us on page 32!

1 – Select Home Décor and Renovations

2 – Select British Columbia
3 – Select Home Décor and Renovations

In the meantime, Christmas is around the corner. We have decorated the house, the gift shopping is underway and I find myself reminiscing about the holiday videos that we have made in the past. Like the time we chopped the tree down in our front yard. Lets go down memory lane together!

Have a fantastic holiday and we will see you in the new year!!!