Monday, June 4, 2012

Bathroom reno after shocks

We swore up and down that we were 'finished' the bathroom several times. Then the mirror fell off the door. Then the toilet paper holder pulled out of the wall. Then CoolJ swore mightily and finally caulked around the base of the tub. And patched the paint with feathery strokes. And finally took some AFTER pictures.

A reminder of the before:

18 months of hiding rot with duct tape, doubleyuk

east van's ugliest plywood/tile vanity

We started demolishing our bathroom at 11:44 am, June 17, 2011.

Luckily you can't see CoolJ's behind smile

I hoped it this bathroom reno would take about 30 lesbian working days. I think hanging the frigging toilet paper roll took me 10 lesbian days. Did I mention we started June 17, 2011?

I hoped the budget would be about $1500. tells me I recorded
$4,792.79 in category "Home Improvement - Lez Renovate Season 3"

To be honest, we do not keep the sharpest of records of what all we spend on every trip to HomoDepot. So of the 38 (!) trips to HomoDepot in the last 51 weeks, not all was spent on Season 3 bathroom (we did buy some lightbulbs, garbage bags, and bbq rocks after all). But, in short I am haemorrhaging money into this house and I won't really work out the painful details until I do my taxes. Late. Did I mention we could use a sponsor?

Here are some of the highlights of actual inputs to this bathroom reno:
  • $89 on a new toilet after someone broke the previous one by not following directions
  • almost $500 (!) hauling away the garbage. Plaster and lath is very heavy and we pulled out the ceiling & 3 walls of that junk. God knows that poisons we inhaled. We did carefully sort all our garbage into the categories required by our local dump, saved some in my junk pile, and used both craiglist advertised haulers and a friend with the local Modo Car Co-op membership
  • $1059 on plumber and the fixtures. Given that the mild-mannered plumber sweated and swore  for hours to get the corroded toilet drain pipe out, and that it is no longer flowing uphill into our bathroom, and that we replaced a good chunk of plumbing stack, and he had to build up the tub so it would be level, I thought this was a bargain
  • $509.66 at the tile shop, including about $250 in tools that we have already used again in helping our friend. I will have you know that I only paid  $2 /square foot for the gorgeous tiles on the floor, marked down from $13.32/foot
  • $535.36 on the NuHeat in floor heating. $0 on electrician because NuHeat has a good customer service hotline (which I called 3 times) and we have a dear friend who is an electrician who helped us finalize the electrics
  • $400 something on roof refactoring by the bicyling roofer at time of installing a bathroom exhaust vent
  • lots of nickels and dimes to death
I'm sure you have already watched the Bathroom Guts and Glory Seaon Finale Video:


In any case, here are the after shocks showing what we got for 51 weeks and$4,792.79. A pretty sweet 26 square foot Peachland Beach Bathroom.
If only I had a long ladder I could take a shot from outside

Cabinet from Jacks Used Building supplies ($25)
Mirror from a loading dock junk heap

Who needs storage for anything more than magazines? (Craigslist sink & faucet $50)
ValueVillage magazine rack ($2.99)

I picked these flat river rocks one by one from a heap at the landscaping yard. $2.31

Recessed medicine cabinets in the wall with shutters from Restore ($5each)
Vinyl tablecloth from Dressew for the liner

Anyone recognize the 'barnwood' ?
 It's cedar I grabbed from an emptied storage locker

Thanks Lou for the help to make this dream come true

Just like at the beach

An Ikea hack. This is my family boating near Peachland Beach, circa 1980

Thanks a lot for following our (mis) adventures in bathroom renovating. As our pal at the tile shop says "it will get a lot faster next time." Is it true? Does it get faster? How about cheaper? Promise me it gets cheaper next time!