Monday, May 28, 2012

Lez Renovate On Location

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was swell. I got to mow the lawn in a tank top and shorts, which is always nice, followed by MANY tasty sangria's. Fun times had by all.

But this past weekend is the not the topic of conversation for this blog post. No. It is the fact that I, LL, took my renovation knowledge on the road and helped artist friend, Louise DeGagne, surprise her girlfriend with a brand new kitchen back-splash. You may remember Lou from Season 3 of Lez Renovate. She helped me build some acoustic baffles:

Remember that? Awesome.

Anyways, since I have tiled a few things now on Lez Renovate, it just goes without saying that I would be the perfect person to help Lou with what she needed. We had everything handy in the tool shed, so it was easy to begin the process.

This is the original backdrop, a piece of artwork that Lou made. It wasn't doing the trick so it needed to go.

Remove everything off the wall and move the tiny stove. Tiny gas stoves are so cute!!

Here I am putting up subway tiles (they are so IN this year!). And we had to screw a piece of wood on the wall before the cabinets to hold up the tiles, sans slippage.

We decided the top should have some accent tiles so in classic Lez Renovate fashion, we raced to Lower Mainland Tile to receive a miracle. And miracle receive we did. They stocked just enough little square glass tiles to do the job. Thumbs up!

Accenting the tiles with a metal border really makes the glass pop wouldn't you say?

Then we had to wait for the thin-set mortar to dry. The next day we just whipped some grout together, smeared like crazy and voila!!

Make sure you accessorize!

New cabinet gives the wall a fresh new look!

Close up of the beauty.

So there you have it. Lez Renovate, on location. In classic Mike Holmes form, you are supposed to shake the hand of the man client and kiss and hug his wife. Since Lou's girlfriend wasn't home (and that would of been weird if I kissed her) we just gave each other high fives and scheduled a beer night. 

That's what I call teamwork!!


  1. Wow! you have done a great job!
    I looked through all your projects, and i want to say that you are awesome! And i admire that you do everything with your own hands!

    (Sorry for my English, but i realy want to express my admiration)))

  2. Hi! I thought we had replied already. Thank you so much for watching! I hope you have enjoyed some of our videos. Please let us know of other renovators you meet in your home town, if any of them have a blog

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