Monday, May 21, 2012

Lez reflect: bathroom reno before and ... before

Dearest readers, 11 months and two celebration parties later, we were about to share the bathroom renovation before/after pictures to the blogosphere.

We hoped you would by now gawking at our skillful tile work that repaired the rotting shower surround, and scheming how to create your own recessed shelving bathroom cabinets. We hoped you would be spotting us on other reno blogs like Better After and Bath Tastic on DIY Network. We want you all to come over and take the virtual tour of our Peachland Beach theme bathroom.

But no. Because we are back to the BEFORE stage when CoolJ noticed that the mirror slid off the hollow core door of our bathroom. Another curse on the previous owners who removed all the solid doors from this house! Luckily it slid slowly.

I was peeved. Because the confidence of the sales person was great when he promised the best way to attach a mirror to a hollow door was using 3m exterior grade double sided tape. Wrong. Managed to peel off a good chunk of the blended garbage that hollow doors are made of.   I even WEIGHED the mirror to be sure it did not exceed the load limit. Harumph.

So back to the Before of the only mirror where these 2 lezzes can check our faux hawks and pixie cuts (respectively) and inspect our outfits before leaving for the coffee shop or food co-op.
Every simple job requires dozens of tools & parts
Had to find a new way to get the mirror to stay put. Three hardware stores later, 7 trips to my shed later, I am smiling at my own  groovy nerdy lesbionic reflection again.

Here's the trick to hanging a framed mirror on a hollow core door.

First, get some of the appropriate toggle anchor bolts. We first bought the wrong ones (classic) - they are different lengths, for different thicknesses and types of material. I found a great article at a website whose name I both hated and loved, where the "natural" (love) "handyMAN" (hate) explains with good humor the differences between different types of molly bolts and anchor bolts. Clearly I am not a natural handyman, but at least this handy dyke managed to get the g.d. mirror to stay

Next we used LL's custom approach to the hardware isle -gazing around for a Miracle Product while I, CoolJ claim it could not exist. She found it in the flush mount hangers. Perfect. Screwed one side into the anchor bolts in the hollow door (after much pounding, grunting and pressing to get the g.d. anchor bolts to go in and flip open). Then screwed one upside down onto the mirror frame. Oops.

See the clever hanger thingo at the top
Finally got the hangers hung.  Then had to scrape the old tape off the door. Sand. Prime. Paint. Because of course I had to move the mirror up a smidge.
I used some of the tape for good measure, to prevent the mirror banging around. Whew. But now the long weekend is over and it's too late to get all duded up for the Sunday night grrl dance party. Better look sharp for work tomorrow morning.
See the clever thingo who got the g.d. mirror back on the door

Canadian renovators - did you spend the long weekend making repeated trips to the hardware store? What if you live in a small town like my sister - it is a 140Km trip to the nearest hardware store! I would be in trouble!  Anyone have a better way to deal with hanging a mirror on a hollow door? Have you just used PL300 construction adhesive and called it a day?


  1. Wow!! That was quite the adventure.... good work.

    1. Thanks for keeping track of us, Deebs. The good thing about this mirror is that you can't see yourself when sitting on the toilet. The other good thing is that I can't see myself when I get out of the shower because I don't wear my glasses in the shower :-)