Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bathroom renovation is taking for *@#%ing ever!

So the bathroom renovation is taking for *@#%ing ever! And to be honest, I have emotionally moved on from it. I know physically I haven't, since I have a band aid on my finger from the recent mishap in there the other day. No, I have moved on to thinking about another project. One that will give me somewhat immediate satisfaction. Well, it won't take 6 months to do.

We, as renovators, are always looking around our house to see what we can get up to next. I know there are a couple pressing issues that we need to deal with, but it needs to be nice outside to do them. Well, it doesn't NEED to be but, I am not working outside in the rain. Remember, we don't get paid to do this!! So lets do some indoor work over the winter and make our little house even comfier than it already is...minus the bathroom.

We had discussed that re-organizing/painting the living room would warm things up. Also, getting a cozy couch. So we are going to do that, soon. But - I found something else that can immediately change the aesthetic in our kitchen and nicey-nicey up the area we spend a lot of time in.

The kitchen is the last on our list of things to change, since its not too bad. The cabinets are the thing to change but will cost the most money. So, we thought that changing the face of the kitchen will do the trick until we really do it up.

We replaced all of our appliances when we first moved in, which was a great treat to ourselves. The last time I had a dishwasher was when I was living with my parents.

Lets meet our appliances:

Franz - because he's European


We have steel appliances. Fine. And they all have names so we treat them with respect and last longer. Well, that's my hope anyways.

And our tile is white with gross grey/yellow stained grout. We were thinking of dying the grout a different colour. I also got some advice from the internet that letting Oxygen Bleach sit on the grout line, eating away for 30 mins does the trick. And it did! But, I think we want to dye the grout a different darker colour because white gets dirty so fast! Take a look at the before and after shot.

AFTER ----------------------------BEFORE
So yes, that trick works. Probably do the rest to clean it up but then dye it. Also, we want to put a new backsplash up around the counter, maybe like the one we put in the basement:

Remember this? Nice silver backsplash.
We also want to replace the hardware on the kitchen cupboards and couple other things.. So lets take a look at the list of things we want to do:

1. Clean grout lines
2. Dye grout lines
3. Put up new backsplash
4. Replace cupboard hardware
5. Replace faucet
6. Replace tile-laminate transition

How long do you think it will take to do all of these things? In Lez Renovate time?


  1. We recently decided to do a quick facelift on our kitchen as well, of course a full remodel and redesign would have been better as we have cabinets we can't stand and an odd layout from the room being expanded by the previous owners. Our list included replacing the always dirty looking vinyl flooring, new cabinet hardware, full paint job and refacing the cabinets. I managed to pull off the paint job over the weekend and the flooring layers are finishing up now (it's amazing what a "cheap" flooring job costs in a 400 sqft room). I just started experimenting with painting our cabinet doors with melamine paint by GP and it looks great, but I am interested to see how it will wear in the long run. From what research I've done it seems that the key is the same as it is with most painting, it's all about prep. The most fascinating thing so far was my attempts at new cabinet hardware, with 23 handles in the room the most affordable I could find in town retail or wholesale was $6/ handle which was way out of our budget. On a whim I ordered a product that looked just like our #1 pick off ebay direct from Hong Kong for less than $1 each, free shipping. I am still awaiting the package, and can't wait to see if they are really stainless steel and how similar they are to the products in town. Of course if it ends up a bust I'm only out less than the cost of the pizza I ate on Saturday night while we didn't have a stove.

  2. That is a great tip EJ! Getting hardware on ebay never even crossed my mind. It seems that all I can think about is buying at Homo Depot or Jack's Supply. So thanks for the advice!