Friday, October 14, 2011

Lez Go Green-E - VIDEO

Season 3 - Episode 4

Have you ever had to race against time? We have....a few times. Ya see, if it weren't for our tenant being away for weeks at a time, we wouldn't have been able to do this bathroom renovation. Not only because he allowed us to use his bathroom while he was gone but it also allowed us to rip out his bathroom ceiling when we busted a pipe and was told by our plumber that the sewer line had to be replaced.

So, things have to happen quickly. But, we are far from quick with our renos. To be honest, I just want to sit around a sip lattes on the weekend, not rent a van and go pick up very expensive and very heavy Green-E board to put in the basement bathroom. You see, we picked Green-E because of its eco-ness, durability and resistance to mold. Perfect for a bathroom. But, holy heck - its heavy!!!

So, if you choose to install Green-E board in your bathroom, workout for a couple weeks first.


  1. Good job getting the Green-E on the ceiling - my arms would have turned into jello keeping them up in the air for that long! Is this your "Peachland Beach" bathroom?

    I had a great idea for a craft project using wood from an old patio lounger, but hubby tossed it all in the garbage - ARGH! Didn't he KNOW I was going to turn it into a work of art for the family room?! Oh well, back to square one....

  2. Hi Kelly - this it the bathroom UNDER our peachland bathroom. WHich was flooded and mucked up by fixing upstairs! Your story of the sidekick throwing away your treasure is another advantage we have at lezrenovate: there are no husbands involved in our renovation ;-) xo jax (CoolJ)