Friday, September 30, 2011

Lez Go Crazy - VIDEO

Season 3 - Episode 3

You know how your hair stands up when you discover something unpleasant? Or how your cursing quota goes way up when you a forced to deal with crappy situations? We do.

Aha, I said crappy and we are doing a bathroom renovation. I'm so witty. Note to self: Comb hair BEFORE turning the camera on.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

A break up letter to our toilet

Dear toilet,

I really find it hard to believe how inconsiderate and inconvenient you are being, even after the love letter I gave you. I professed my love to you, gave you a public appreciation and this is how you respond? I don't think its going to work out for us. I have been tolerant and understanding but now you have sunk to a new low. You cracked under pressure. Literally.

I know that its important to be delicate with you, treat you with care and not over tighten your bolts but, you were leaking. So, I tightened. And before I knew it, the water works came. And so did mine. You're broken and some am I. Porcelain is delicate and so am I.

So here we are, back to square one. Back to the days of flushing with a bucket of water and a sense of being incomplete. Time to look for someone/something else new.

I raise my toilet bowl brush in anger.



Friday, September 23, 2011

A love letter to our toilet

Dear toilet,

Oh how I missed you. I am so happy that you are back. It seemed that you were only partly present the last few weeks and I wondered if you were ever going to fully come back. Months ago you left, only to reappear for a few short weeks and then disappear again. I felt lost without you, incomplete, incontinent and full of longing. You know how its said that 'you don't know what you've got til its gone'? Well, I didn't, but now, I do. I think we, as a society, under appreciate the privilege of having indoor plumbing. Toilet, you are under appreciated and I recognize that. From now on I am going to clean you religiously, hug you a little bit more on those particularly difficult drunken nights and praise the Water Closet gods that you exist when I have a stomach flu again. Which, unfortunately, had to happen when you weren't there. Well, half of you was there, but it still made it difficult.

But I digress. Now that you are back, I can relax and get back to living a privileged life that includes indoor plumbing.

I raise my toilet bowl brush in honour of your greatness.



Friday, September 16, 2011

Lez Gut it...Wait, Still? - VIDEO

Season 3 - Episode 2

Today on Lez Renovate, we experience what every true renovator experiences at one time or another. Exhaustion. Demolishing is hard, especially when you do it with dinky little tools, like we did. A hammer? We used hammers. Not sledge hammers but, carpenter hammers. What? Why? I don't know.

Thanks for watching!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Small bathroom design mood board

CoolJ here. I'm someone for whom  the words "mood" and "bored" do not find themselves in close proximity. This post however asks for HELP from our friends. I am finally making public my interior design idea for our tiny bathroom.

So I have created this 'mood board' as the designers call them, to share my idea about how our bathroom should look when it is finally done.

Would love your input. The specs
Bath is about 35 square feet, with a ceiling height over 8 feet.
One small window in the shower, one ceiling light fixture.
If you've watched our latest video, you've seen some of the before.
Here's my mood board for the bathroom decor theme "Peachland Beach".

Let me walk you through it
Shower is already DIY-tiled with 4x6 subway tiles, white with alabaster (grey) grout. Recommended by our Tile Savior, Doug the owner of Lower Mainland Ceramics Tile and Stone. You will see more of that project in an upcoming video. It took a loooong time but we think it looks good

Shower fixtures are likewise square shaped. Chrome. So far we chose a transparent curtain to let some light through the one window.

The longest wall will have "weathered" wood running horizontal, to a height of about 4 feet. As shown in the pic (sampled from Design Sponge), the boards are different widths, some are pine, some cedar, some unknown pulled from this house, most of the rest rescued  from futon frames. Weathering technique will be covered in a separate post.

Flooring is  ceramic tiles by Marcacarona, 10 inch squares pretty much as shown. They likewise appeared on a clearance pile at Lower Mailand Ceramic Tile and are sparkly brown & grey & black with lots of color depth and texture. Like a sandy beach. Again, sourced at Lower Mainland Ceramics Tile and Stone for an AMAZING bargain on their clearance rack! Yes!

This lesbian renovator  wants to step out of the tub onto riverstones, not the burning hot pointy rocks of the real Peachland beach, but since I spend all my money on this house, going for a shower might be all the beach vacation we get!   I hear that grouting around pebbles or pebble tile is a pain, but I'm still looking at the landscaping yards and may do some rock hounding. I wanna rock! or as Doug at Lower Mainland said "Rock on girl. Don't let them talk you out of it!" Pun intended.

Light will be marina-themed too, and above the door a box light with a pic of Okanagan Lake fun.

Dear friends, these are  the design questions about this bathroom renovation.. i put it to you:
What do you say to light blue (close to as shown) walls and a darker blue ceiling? I'm thinking Behr's Regatta Bay for the ceiling.  Will dark ceiling and light walls make the room look small, or will it look punchy and feel like we are really at the lake? Would you instead do walls/ceilings all the same paint color? If yes, light or dark blue? Or maybe dark blue walls, light ceiling? White ceiling? I'm biased because we already have a gallon of light blue paint :-)


Friday, September 2, 2011

Lez Gut it - VIDEO



This season kicks off with a brand new video, complete with a brand new intro! Let us know what you think. And thanks to for hosting our program!

Demolishing a bathroom isn't as easy as it sounds.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lez agree. Vancouver is awesome!

Hey Lez Renovate fans,

Only 1 more sleep until the launch of Season 3 videos! Huzzah!  We wish we could tell you that means our bathroom is done. It is not. We wish we could tell you that we will launch on major network television. We will not. HOWEVER, we are still very excited to be syndicated by the formidable, vast, and welcoming online community at, the pop-culture site that plays for our team.

We also admire many other blogs and webtv creators, and we love to connect with folks who are making waves in the online renovation tv world. Or who would like us to make waves with our bathroom project! and want to help out.

This season you'll see some celebrity guests - tradespeople, neighbours, and mentors helping us out.

While you are waiting for our first video, have a look at

A great initiative to celebrate vancity, introduce local folks and activities, and they won the Urban Culture Award as best lifestyle blog in vancity and best event blog in vancouver. Thanks so much to the DIYVR section for profiling us this week in their weekly spotlight on "...all things handmade, done-by-oneself, crafted and hacked around Vancouver, featuring profiles of makers, event announcements, exhibits and general DIY fun."

Maybe with support like this we can win next year's award for "best lesbian DIY bolog" in Vancouver.

May we suggest you enter the DIYVR home improvement challenge - share your tips on how to do stuff (like wire up in-floor heating or building recessed shelves, etc etc)! Visit their flickr group & share your DIY bragging rights!