Monday, August 29, 2011

Lez replace a single pole switch for a light fixture

CoolJ here, having learned just a few days ago the value of having a  DIY renovation video blog.

I found a need to watch and rewatch and forward and rewind and slow motion watch some recent footage we'll soon share with you in Season Three. Yes! This Friday is the launch of Bathroom Guts and Glory.  So enjoy the teaser and plan your long weekend around watching us sweat as we gut the bathroom in our 1929 bungalow:

You'll note this bathroom reno started about 10 weeks ago & though we are going into video production, the bathroom is far from done. 

CoolJ: "KT would you please come over for dinner this friday?"
KT: "Shall I bring my tools?"

Ahem. Yes please. KT is wise in the ways of the electrics, so such an offer should not be refused.

SPOILER ALERT for Lez Renovate season 3:  there have been some questions about DIY electrics,  so we cooked our Sparky friend a nice dinner found on blog called A Cooking Life. And then we put her to work.

Turns out that indeed, it takes more than good looks & a wee thrift store electrical book to install a new box light: KT discovered that I had brought no power to the light above the door. And it was all behind drywall that LL was guarding with her life. Oops.

KT: "Try to remember where this wire comes from"
CoolJ: "Hmmm. I THINK I pulled it from the ceiling. Or maybe I ran it TO the ceiling. I didn't write it down."
KT: "Let's watch that video again where you 'explain' how to wire up the light to the switch.
So we watched the video again. A few times.  You'll have to do the same in a few weeks to learn more!

Now you know why we REALLY do Lez Renovate videos: to help narrow down the possibilities of what the deuce I had done. Sadly for KT, there was still a fair amount of rummaging in the attic with flashlights and flicking of circuit breakers. But I let the expert do that this time. I just made the videos and took notes for posterity!

I remember when we first moved in, we had a clear and helpful diagram of all the electrics in the house.  Except it was all labelled in Vietnamese... Which, you may intuit, neither LL nor I can read fluently.

What about others out there? Do you painstakingly create wiring diagrams and file them neatly in a folder, or tape inside the breaker box? Are you a total pro like the electrician who rewired our house and labelled every wire?  Or do you sometimes freestyle and live to regret it? Well have no regrets, because Lez Renovate Season 3: Bathroom Guts to Glory will launch this week & you too will be able to watch those videos again and again.

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