Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bathroom Reno Update #2

The other night we made burgers and sat on our patio looking at the calender trying to figure out the schedule of finishing the bathroom. We kind of have a time limit since we have family coming up to visit at the end of July. Oops. So, we looked at our list of things to do, perused our respective schedules and almost started crying. Work is very busy for both of us! So renovations have to happen on the weekends and the odd weekday evening. Lots to do. Lots to do.

And have I mentioned that I hate dealing with drywall? Hence, I am not very good at it. If you don't like doing something, you tend to not be very good at it. And I especially dislike the mudding/sanding process. It takes clean lines and dirty lungs. We discussed that it might be smart to hire Pete back to work his magic. I am hesitant though. It's Lez Renovate! Meaning, Let's Renovate! Meaning - we do it! But sometimes I have to admit defeat and get a professional to do it and save myself the agony. As Cool J's family says, "Spend the extra 6 bux!". Hire a professional.

Speaking of professionals, Cool J has a mini-crush on our plumber! She managed to stop herself from flirting and making him feel awkward. Which she felt was a smart idea because she didn't want him to feel weird. I say that it was good that she stopped herself because it would feel weird when she would be sleeping on the couch if she did!

So what's next for the bathroom? Well, Cool J is out of town for a week and I'm staying behind, once again, to work and renovate. In the next while I need to complete the electrics, including the Nuheat we decided to install, cut a hole in the ceiling for the fan, insulate the outer wall, hang all the drywall and massively heavy Green E board and build recessed shelving. Phew.

Let's talk about Nuheat for a second. This is a little something we like to call heated floors. I don't think we would of entertained the idea of heated floors if we didn't live in a suite for 6 months that had it. It was wall to wall. In the bedroom, living room, kitchen and of course, the bathroom. And the bathroom was pretty much covered in tile. It was a beautiful bathroom, inspiring us to get our own magical place where we can lie down in the dead of winter when the plastic on our windows isn't quite do the job of keep the heat in. I'm excited. We may be fighting over the bathroom more often, great.

And Green E board. What's this you ask? Well, apparently its the heaviest "drywall" known to man, unbeknownst to us. Cool J researched this product and its basically enviro-friendly, mold resistant gypsum. We are putting this in our shower and using it for backboard for tiling. When we picked it up at Standard Building Supplies we had no idea that we would be yelling at each other while transferring from the van to the backyard because of being so heavy and for us having extremely short fuses.

This better turn out to be the most amazing renovation or I am going to lose it.

Anyways, our schedule is tight so I may be knocking on friends doors to help me at some point. Anyone willing to lend a hand in the next couple weeks? Nothing major, it would include beer or some other drink of choice! Plus, you could be an internet star in one of our videos. Only if you want!

Speaking of videos, we are going to be posting again soon - don't worry! We have a plan. ;)


  1. NEED. UPDATE. SOON!!!!! I know you're busy, but we're DYING over here to know how you're doing!

  2. Well, we just discovered this delightful site/video blog of yours. You two just make me smile. Thank you for your humor, good music-- but especially for your visibility. Incredibly creative activism in my book. Continued success!
    ~Elizabeth & Kim

  3. Ok, ok - I'll post an update today Holyoke Home! You are right... so busy!!

    Elizabeth & Kim, thank you so much for commenting and liking our little project. Although, its far from little. ;) You can also find us on Facebook where we update on a regular basis. Yayyy!