Monday, June 6, 2011

El Arrayan - Puerto Vallarta Restaurant

The weather has been beautiful lately. I think that we have been waiting too long for sun. Cool J and I were riding our bikes around without jackets! Crazy. It made me think of the vacation that we took in March. We went to Sayulita, Mexico, a little surfer town an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. The last time we went was 5 years ago and it was long overdue.

We love it there! Most of the time we just lay on the beach drinking cerveza's, waiting for vendors to peddle their goods and people watch. Awesome.

That's pretty much it. But, we decided that we would start our trip off by staying in Puerto Vallarta for a couple of days. Of course as soon as I put word out that we wanted some advice from our friends as where to go, the information flooded in. Hikes, cheap drinks, bars, hotels, you name it! So we had our 2 days pretty much planned out. Except for the restaurants. So I did what I do best when it comes to looking for stuff. Google it! Just like when we were looking for a real estate agent. I searched 'realtor, Vancouver, lesbian'. But this time it was 'restaurant, Puerto Vallarta, lesbian'.

A little restaurant called El Arrayan came up. Not only is it lesbian run and owned, it won best Mexican restaurant 5 years in a row! Sign me up. So, we went. And boy were we happy we did. The atmosphere was great, the food was great, the service was great and the renovations were great! I bet you were wondering how I would make this post about renovating weren't you? Ha.

We chatted up the owner, Carman Porras, about her restaurant and the renovations that she did. I admired the sink that they had made out of old wash bins and she was quite proud of the bar that was made out of brick.

I was quite happy to meet lesbian business owners who renovate their own businesses. They didn't just hire someone to do it, which seems to be the case most of the time. They got their hands dirty, strapped on a tool belt and went for it. I love that! No blue job/pink jobs at El Arrayan. And also, they had lesbian servers. Awesome.

So if the fact that these women renovated their own restaurant hasn't convinced you enough to go, the food will. Like I said before, they won best Mexican restaurant 5 years in a row. Check out what we ate.

And oh my, it was so delicious. Next time we go back to PV, we are going to El Arrayan. Not only to eat the fantastic food but to talk more renovations with lesbians.

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  1. Those dishes look amazing, they definitely have the makings of what would win consecutive awards. I should probably check this place out one of these days.