Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lez visit Epic, sustainable living expo at Vancouver Convention Centre

LL & CoolJ wondered how insurance, beer, savings accounts, free gas for a year, yoga clothes, and makeup make for sustainable living?

We scored free tix to Epic, the sustainable living expo held this weekend at the Vancouver Convention centre. Which was cool, because CoolJ wanted to get back in there, having forgotten during the conference I attended there last week to take a picture of the 'don't drink the toilet water' sign.

Flushing toilets with grey water is a great idea. Drinking from the toilet is not

Vendors at the trade-show were pushing the sustainable swag: wildflower seed attached to a flyer advertising tax free savings accounts, reusable shopping bags by the dozen, and the draws. I can hardly wait to win the sustainable trip to Vegas, or the free gas for a year. LL signed up for a Lexus test drive. She knows about sustainable transportation  - she keeps letting her driver's learner permit expire so we always have to carpool to the home reno stores.  Are you getting my point? The consumer product sustainable living expo was a bit of a stretch. "Don't worry about the planet destroyed by our over-consumption, just consume the right coffee, beer, makeup, gas" was the message.

We really enjoyed looking at the convention centre building. It cost us a zillion dollars, but it is a gorgeous renovation of Vancouver's historic  PierB-C
But they really should get a few goats up there on the green roof.
CoolJ's scheme #1455: become a goat herder. Leaning on a crook all day & watching seaplanes
CoolJ at the Old Country Market, Coombs BC
Back at the expo... we got a nifty shower hourglass timer to help my friend LL KillerWatt track how long she spends lathering her locks every morning.  So far CoolJ has learned that my showers are less than 4 minutes. At least at home. In this other post you heard how I sometimes splurge on someone else's utility bill.

We could not find anyone at the green living expo to advise how to practically implement a grey water system at home. We learned that anyone can join the Team PowerSmart , so  LL is looking forward to spending the $75 rebate on consumer electronics when she gets our energy bill to drop 10% over the year by turning off her Bridge of the Enterprise studio/power bar daisy chain every night.

I was most interested in learning about "renewable natural gas." Ummm. How do they renew natural gas? Does anyone know? I do I do! Hint: the grass roof as above. Methane!  I'm thinking of cutting out the middle man & putting a composting toilet in our bathroom reno, but LL has never been much one for experimentation with pooping in a bucket.

We kibbitzed our way around the canning supplies vendor, the sewing lessons stand, the booth for recycled aluminum roofing, the guy pitching plastic grass (who was having none of our clever remarks about who mows the lawn in a lesbian household). Then we did not drink the toilet water, and we came home to start the next phase of our "green" outdoor living renovation. Well, the lead paint on the floor of our deck is green. See you soon with pics of that project! Green living to all & to all a good night.

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