Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lez renover une maison veille en maison verte

La belle Cool J ici!

Last weekend the women home owners of Lez Renovate were featured in a cute lesbian lifestyle piece on CBC French TV - le telejournal Columbie Britanique pour Radio Canada! The clip is now online here. **Note to find our segment: select April 3, (3 Avril) then skip to about 7 min (right after a story on the Vancouver International Wine festival, which I also very much enjoyed with a few local lezzes!).

We hosted a charming telejournalist on a tour of our basement renovation, and CoolJ explained in Franglais & LL in english how two lesbians as DIY beginners learned from renovation videos, Askthebuilder, our Dads & brothers, and our contractor friends how to do all manner of DIY home renovations (and create thrilling videos you'll want to watch again by clicking these links); from build a pony wall, to patch drywall and install a bathroom fan. J'ai appris beaucoup de nouvelle vocabulaire Francais! Comme 'bricoler' et 'system de chauffage' et 'petit rabais du governement'.

Fun and embarrassing - I understand from the Francos in the know that Radio Canada here in BC will interview anyone with highschool Franglais to go for it in french. Yikes.
The lifestyle angle on the story was 'green home renovation" and energy saving renovation tips. So here are our best energy-saving home tips, ranked from cheap to pricey- too bad it is now spring in most of Canada, so it is a bit too late, but come back next fall!

1. Cover your windows with plastic.
When we lived at the rental house, we used heavy-duty clear plastic that I had on hand for some art project. We taped it over the window frames with packing tape
Cost: CHEAP! $3/meter for plastic. $2/roll for packing tape. Better to use one of the insulating window film kits, though, as it uses 2-sided tape that won't wreck the paint.

Green benefit: Goodbye drafts & cold air leaking through windows. The guy who came to do our energy assessment as part of the Eco Retrofit program pointed out how the airloss through the windows was as good as you could expect without replacing all the windows.

2. Remove the electrical outlets & switch covers on every exterior wall & insert draft-stopping gaskets
Cost: $5 for 10
Again, stops airflow. Unless you are drying your fingernails with the draft?

3. Get a composter
In Vancouver BC you can dump all your vegetable food waste into a green bin, if you live in a house. If not, you can get a worm bin indoors. More on that another time. Free soil for indoor plants

4. Try a rain barrel. Look how nice ours is. I connected a hose running directly into my garden. I may need to make some adjustments, as the freaking downspout leaks & most of the water is not going into the barrel. And the set up may be counting water flowing uphill... i...

5. Add insulation to your walls & attic
Cost: As if I can remember. We were buying insulation at 6:30 am at Dicks lumber before going to work... we re-insulated the basement exterior walls (mostly). And we have a lot of junk in our attic. Does that insulate?

6. Replace your toilets with low-flow.
Cost: $120 for the ones we got. One of them does the dual-flush game "which button do i need for this job?". Fun for everyone!
We got a rebate for each one

7. Replace your 1950 furnace with a high efficiency furnace. Ours runs the fan a lot, even when the furnace isn't on. Not cheap. Better dang well pay for itself in gas savings. Just wear sweaters & sock in the house

I must admit I can't remember all the new French vocabulary I learned for the CBC shoot, but I can urge you to try some of these yourselves, whether in english or french or any other language you like. We at Lez Renovate do all our green renovations in the language of love!


  1. Who knew there were des personnes francaises in BC! Loving your 'green tips'.

  2. Merci bien et bienvenue a notre site! Send us an email if you like when you come to BC. We'll follow your blog