Monday, January 31, 2011

Lez send LL out for a haircut

It's true the renovation is a little slow around these parts. This time we are stopping each other from demolishing first and planning later. Unlike the basement suite, where we ripped the whole thing apart in a weekend, then spent 6 months ripping a little deeper and putting it back together.

Ok, I should try not to lie in the blog. I, CoolJ want to demolish the bathroom. And LL is stopping me. But I want to get going! Even though we have no materials on hand, no plan, no schedule, no budget, no idea what the condition of the plumbing is. And importantly, no second bathroom.

Plan, schman! Let's get smashing & figure it out as we go. Only then will we see what we have to work with! LL thinks this is nuts, but I come by it honestly:

My Mémère (french grandma) once sent Pépère (grandpa) out for a haircut and while he was gone, smashed a huge hole in the north wall of her house in order to expand the kitchen into the back porch. Permits?! Structural integrity?! Keeping out elements! Ce n'est rien! Mémère wanted a bigger kitchen, and sometimes you just have to get started.

Though I often feel her fiery blood coursing through my similarly wiry body, unlike my grandmother, I missed my chance! LL just got her hair cut a few weeks ago & I could have gotten the project moving with my favorite short-handled sledge hammer & Big Red the pry bar. But then I may have risked becoming the lucky recipient of one of LL's famous custom breakup songs written just for me!

You see, we at Lez Renovate are partners. You know, as in "my PARTNER and I have been together for several years", "my partner and I spent the weekend trying to figure out why our siding is leaking" and "I should talk this over with my PARTNER" and "my partner will be pretty cheezed if I go ahead and smash out the bathroom when we agreed we would not be reduced to months of sponge baths and pooping in a bucket in the yard".

I suspect that I'm neither the only lez nor the only renovator that tries to sneak the old sledge hammer through the wall while the partner's out getting a haircut. Do you 'accidentally' on purpose get a major project moving by devious means? How long have you gone without a shower because you jumped the start gun on an bathroom reno?

Stick with us people, we are about to take a bath on this loo reno...

Friday, January 28, 2011


Season 2 Episode 9

Ok, ok. So we have been bad. No blog posts since the last video. What the heck? Well, what can I tell you. Life gets away with you and before you know it, you are up in the middle of the night editing a video together.

So here it is! Lez Find the Wet Spot (Get your mind out of the gutter.)


So what have you got going on this weekend? Any fun renovations? Big or small. It could be that you are tearing out your bathroom. Or you could be finally fixing that broken kitchen chair. Or you could be painting your livingroom. Or you could be taking out the trash. It all counts.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Lez Build a Fan Base - VIDEO


It's Friday and there is a monsoon happening outside right now. Well, not REALLY a monsoon but the rain is something fierce! Thank goodness I am inside, sipping one of the last gingerbread lattes in the city and contemplating what renovation we should tackle this weekend. I know we have to make sure everything is ready for our Eco Retrofit evaluation on Monday. This is the follow up to the first one we had last year before we did all the renovations. Keep ya posted on the outcome of that.

In the meantime, enjoy the newest Afterellen video, Lez Build a Fan Base! We could all use more fans.


And if you haven't done so already, join us on facebook and twitter for more updates, fun and general hilarity.


Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Ukrainian Xmas

Today I was pulling weeds in my yard, since it was  a rare sunny Vancity january day and I love digging.

Taking a break, I was sitting on the stump of the LezRenovate xmas tree, and watching people drive by with their xmas trees on the roof of their SUVs and station wagons. LL almost got lost on the way home because the house on the corner deflated their 10 snowmen santas etc & she didn't recognize our street.

I'm sorry to see the xmas season draw to a close. I loved the treats, the xmas trip to northern alberta to visit my family (especially my beloved nephew), the snow, the Lez Renovate xmas episode, the quiet time at the office, the new year's eve party.

A few final thoughts on xmas trees.
If you bought a live xmas tree (or chopped it down in the woods), you may be able to use the lumber! My current favorite husband (JC at the office, software programmer by day, wood worker by night) told me he has just finished 'harvesting' his tree. Which means he turned it into boards that he can use for a project. I wonder if he is saving up the lumber from xmas trees to build an xmas themed item. Like what? Who has some suggestions for JC about what he can build with his xmas tree lumber? I'm saving ours to burn in the fire pit in case there is a natural disaster & we run out of fuel to keep warm & fed.

Next year, consider a DIY xmas tree like  Lez Renovate fan Lisa D created. Look at the lovely xmas atmosphere  she was able to create in her apartment for herself and her room-mate.

Now take a closer look at her innovation and make a mental note to look at this again next november to create some xmas magic with some twine & boughs. Love it!

So now we are moving into a new year, with resolutions and what not. Very soon you will be fanatics for the Lez Renovate new years episode...and I swear one of these days we'll get to work on that bathroom.

Other things keep getting in the way, though. Like the tiny damp spot of wall LL spotted in the basement suite while prepping it for the new tenant. Turned out to be a failure in our building envelope - wet siding, wet frame, wet insulation, wet drywall. sigh. Pried off the siding & covered the whole thing with plastic but that can't last. Hoping to sweet talk one of our contractor chums to come with more advice! Happy Ukranian Xmas!