Friday, November 19, 2010

NEW VIDEO POST!! Season 2 - Ep 5 - Lez Make a Plan

It's Friday! And what does Friday mean? It means tomorrow is Saturday, the day before was Thursday and its time for another afterellen video! Yayyyyyyy!

Lez Make a Plan

Yep, we gotta make a plan for the bathroom reno, or else we are going to be in trouble.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, I know we will.......making a plan!


  1. Did I hear you say that you two want a fan? Kudos on planning that one out first, I jumped into a fan installation last year. One really expensive and fancy duct and a whole new bathroom ceiling later, the bill was over $1000.

  2. Yes! We did say we want a fan. There currently isn't one. When we got the electrics dealt with, we rigged it so when we install a fan, it would be ready. All we have to do is add some ducting (the ceiling will be ripped out anyways).

    We were at homo depot the other day and some guy heard us talking about CFM's and that anything under 80CFM is doing nothing! So, we want something that will do the job and be quiet about it!

    I think we want to install a new one in the tenants bathroom too. It's a bargain basement kind. Haha. Like 50CFM. It's so loud!!!