Friday, October 22, 2010

NEW VIDEO POST!! Season 2 - Ep 3 - Lez be prepared!

LL says:

Happy Friday everyone! And a welcomed Friday it is! We have been busy here at Lez Renovate, trying to expose our reno's to the masses. AND.......doing renos! Huh. Plus, more renos and viralizing to come, including a new video.

Speaking of which, the topic of the newest Afterellen video is Be Prepared!

It is wildly known and speculated that Vancouver will succumb to a massive earthquake/tsunami.  Apparently we have a huge fault that has been laying dormant for 300 years and is just waiting to blow. Will it be on December 21, 2012? Or will it be next week? Who knows. But we are prepared. Well, if the end of the world does happen, our little boat, sleeping bag, tent and Tupperware full of black beans isn't going to do us any good. BUT - if we just have an earthquake that kills a few thousand people and we manage to blow up the boat, keep the sleeping bag dry, not lose any tent poles and remember to pack the mini stove to cook the black beans, we'll be fine.

So Cool J convinced me that we needed to fill the shed with our Earthquake Preparedness Kit. I just wanted to use it for a tool shed. It's so small. Oh well, that's compromise for ya!

Check out how we prepared for the worst!


Have a great weekend!!

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