Sunday, October 24, 2010

What would you do?

LL says:

We had a sobering weekend.  Well, Friday night at the Railway club wasn't sobering as I think I may of had one too many. Just ask Cool J. She'll tell you about the cab ride home where I managed to rack up the bill by giving crazy directions home. Oh well.

But it was also sobering because we had our contractor friend come over and tell us what we need to do to make the jam space a reality. And friends, this is going to cost money. And I haven't started raking in the millions yet so this may prove to be a bit of a problem. First off we need to deal with the structural problems, then the moisture problem and then the sound proofing problem. All of these problems require research, supplies and money.

So - what do people do to get money? Well - the customary way is working. Well, we are doing that. Next. There is holding a fundraiser. And I don't feel comfortable charging people money to pay for a jam space. I would rather that money go to something else, like back into the community helping people who really need it. Or - sponsorship/partnerships.

Ok - let's try the sponsorhip/partnerships. Let's go with that angle. A little product placement! Ya! Like Home Depot or Dicks's Lumber or Donald's Market (renovators need to eat too!).

If you, or know of anyone who, would like a piece of this DIY gold mine - contact us! We would love to hear from you.

Whatta think? Do you think its a good idea? Do you have any suggestions?

Friday, October 22, 2010

NEW VIDEO POST!! Season 2 - Ep 3 - Lez be prepared!

LL says:

Happy Friday everyone! And a welcomed Friday it is! We have been busy here at Lez Renovate, trying to expose our reno's to the masses. AND.......doing renos! Huh. Plus, more renos and viralizing to come, including a new video.

Speaking of which, the topic of the newest Afterellen video is Be Prepared!

It is wildly known and speculated that Vancouver will succumb to a massive earthquake/tsunami.  Apparently we have a huge fault that has been laying dormant for 300 years and is just waiting to blow. Will it be on December 21, 2012? Or will it be next week? Who knows. But we are prepared. Well, if the end of the world does happen, our little boat, sleeping bag, tent and Tupperware full of black beans isn't going to do us any good. BUT - if we just have an earthquake that kills a few thousand people and we manage to blow up the boat, keep the sleeping bag dry, not lose any tent poles and remember to pack the mini stove to cook the black beans, we'll be fine.

So Cool J convinced me that we needed to fill the shed with our Earthquake Preparedness Kit. I just wanted to use it for a tool shed. It's so small. Oh well, that's compromise for ya!

Check out how we prepared for the worst!


Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lez have a give-away!

Ok - so we promised that we would blog about the exciting awesomeness that has entered our home. We found it on Thanksgiving weekend in the Kelowna Salvation Army. We had to do a bit of repair but when all was said and done, we are happy to announce that we have a new dining room set! I know, I know. You're jealous and you haven't even seen it yet! Wait until you get a load of the dining room chairs!

But wait! We have even more exciting news. CSN stores approached us with the offer of a giveaway to our fans! Ok, you may be asking yourself, "CSN stores? What is that?". Well, I will tell you. It's a pretty awesome online home decor store that has some cool home furnishings on offer. And we are happy to say that we are offering you a chance to win a $20 certificate to put towards anything that they have to offer.

"But LL, what do I have to do to win?", you may be asking yourself. Well, I will tell you. We love comments on our blog. In fact, we like so much that we read them to each other before we go to sleep, like a lullaby. So, all you have to do is make a comment describing your favourite piece of furniture. What do you have to lose? Everyone has a favourite piece of furniture, and everyone loves telling a story. Easy. We'll decide on a winner and contact you.

Contest ends TUESDAY October 26th!

And now on to our new table and chairs. Well, our old/new table and chairs. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It's an arborite table with a crazy design with matching gold and brown sparkly chairs. Hard to describe. Better to look at.

I'm going to build the suspense (or annoy you, depends on how you look at it) and start off with before pics and little ditty I wrote for you to listen to while you look:

Lez Renovate - Table and Chairs by LauraLeeSchultz



Ok, so there you have it. Our new find! Pretty cool hey? And what is cooler? A GIVEAWAY! So tell us about your favourite piece of furniture. You could already be a winner.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lez have a little look at the before...

CoolJ here
By the time you read this, we will have already torn out a big mess beneath our porch. As LL keeps telling you, this is for our 'jam' space. For rocknroll jams, not jellies.

We have learned many times that home renovators sometimes improvise rather creatively. Our role as contemporary renovators is first, almost archeological. We have to pull back layers of renovation improvisation -- history really-- to get ready to MacGyver our own project. It's also becoming clear that renovation is a widely spoken language, at least in middle-class North America. Though we are LezRenovate, our winter lives seem to be more Renovate than Lez, and I wonder if there is a particular lesbian way to renovate? Except that we like to say "LEZ" all the time, the stories sound pretty similar, and give me something reliable to talk about with the fellas at the office!
L is for Lez Renovate! and LL

Anyhoo, this blog today is sharing some Before and inviting input to the After.

Before we started, our Jam Space was a highly useful space, with every modern convenience.

It had taps in the wall and ceiling to provide water and drainage for the laundry machine just outside (under the stairs).
Note the hoses go through the wall toward the left - outside.
Note also the electrical wire going through to outside.
The chief problem with the outdoor laundry innovation was that the drain hose came back into the room, then across, then through the wall to outside, to drain the washing machine INTO THE DRAIN TILES ON THE UPHILL SIDE OF THE HOUSE. This was my thought process about that.

When we first looked at the house: "What a clever use of space. Laundry in its own little room outside but out of the rain"
When I looked again at the house to plan our work: "Hmm. Now I see where the bathroom drainpipe is. That is no where near the laundry machine. I wonder where he... jeezuz!"

Washing machine drain pipe was about 20 feet long, and went neatly through the wall to outside.
hi outside! great to see you. what a nice little port hole
Luckily the drain tiles and sump seem to be working a-ok, and the basement was dry. Cripes.

Since we plan to rock'n'roll in here, not run a laundry or petwashing business, we pulled out the plumbing, closed the hole(s) to outside. Whew. No matter how nuts our renos may be, we can at least say how gruesome the place was before. Wouldn't you say the best part about renovating is complaining about other people's work, while hiding one's own improvisations??

We also corrected some electrical innovation. I wish I had a picture: Jimmy (remember this is our pet name for the previous owner) had plugged an extension cord INSIDE the upstairs kitchen. Poked a hole in the outer wall of the house to run it to outside. Then a drilled a hole in the porch floor for power to the storage/jam room. Then he spliced several other extension cords to run the lights and outlets. Here is his custom Twine and Twisties Lamp at the end of that spiderweb of wires. Watch out ReadyMade fans, this guy will give all those DIY loft-owners a run for their money...
Rest assured, we removed all this crap.
Our electrics and plumbing have passed inspection!
After we pried off the patchwork plywood you can see in the background, we Ripped it Up. See video for that fun. But now we are puzzling over the best solution to prevent water coming from the top, noise coming from inside to the tenants, and keeping heat in, moisture OUT!

Hey tenants how do you like this drum beat? Can you hear us?

Here you can see where the siding was ripped off the house. You are looking at the back of the tenants' living room...yes that is the back of the drywall on the left.

Any suggestions for vapor barrier and soundproofing?
Our basic plan is to sprayfoam every crack (we removed the crushed up insulation and couch cushions that were stuffed like wound dressings into all the crevices). This room is under a porch that has a roof,  so water coming down is not super likely...

Then we'll most likely use Safe and Sound insulation, vapor barrier on the 3 outside walls (and ceiling, I suppose because it faces outdoors??) Then Quiet Rock if we can afford it or get a sponsor.  Maybe we'll use some sort of keep-the-drywall-off-the-joists method, and maybe some vinyl soundproofing tile. More research needed. Maybe baffles. It is truly baffling.

And there is one more thing...the 'joists' are sort of "interesting"...
aren't they supposed to go to the TOP???
We are almost prepared in case of earthquake (future blog post to educate you).
But since we like to have parties with a few people in attendance, and since this room is under our Party Porch, we may indeed do a little further reinforcing.

And so the second winter of warming our hearts with renovation begins... thanks for enjoying with us and see you next weekend. maybe wear a mask. and a hard hat.
xo love coolJ

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lez Rip It Up!!


We started demolishing the jam space and we found some interesting things behind the walls. Check it!

Lez Rip It Up - 2.2

Looking forward to some delicious Canadian gluttony this weekend. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

LL and Cool J