Monday, September 27, 2010

Lez get sharp here. And call that guy?

Cool J
For a  lez renovator, I sure do seem to talk about men a lot on this blog. This morning is the first Sunday in approximately 17 years that found me on my couch in my housecoat saying, "Dang, I wish I had gotten that friendly guy's number."

In this case, I mean the friendly wood worker at my office - programmer by day, cedar-hot-tub-builder and all-around (self identified) handyman by night. Here's the thing I've mentioned before: LL and I are self taught renovators. We are working with tools mostly given by or scavenged from our dads, and were it not for the web, we would be improvising without even the most basic of guidance. Even for skilled googlers like us, some things are evasive and we need to call for help!

Two examples:
In season 1, we made a boo-boo and didn't arrange the bathroom sink, its supporting board, and the pipes in such a way that we could screw BOTH of the sink's supporting bolts into the board. One was just hanging out in the drywall. What are you going to google? "Sink. Drywall. Help"? "Sink. One bolt ok?' "Heavy. Drywall. Mount". Geezuz. That was solved, thanks to a quick brainstorm with an electrician who happened through.

This weekend, I'm installing the wooden door into the shed, so we can live in the shed securely if any sort of natural disaster or high interest rates drive us out of our house. Or so we can securely store the scavenged tools. The hinges are recessed, so I know i'll need a chisel to carve out some space in the cedar Craigslist door. Fine. But... how do you know if a chisel is sharp enough? Google.

If I buy one from CTire, will it be "sharp enough to shave my arm"? According to the experts turned up on the web, that's how you know. As an aside, good thing I'm a feminist  & have plenty of body hair to work with.

The Web claims I need a grinder to sharpen my one chisel. Since fine woodworking is definitely not in my genes or jeans, I am skeptical. 

If only I had gotten that guy's would be like one of those calls one makes in one's 20's
To self before calling:  Did he mean it when he said he'd be happy to hear from me? Is it too early to call? What if his wife answers?

Since I don't have the number anyway, I'll just have to take my chances a few cheap chisels, rely heavily on wood filler, and brave the laughter on Monday.

As another aside, a sweet Lez Renovate fan on estimated that trimming our door to fit should "Be a few minutes' job". I wish!

Will post to let you know & show a few pics of Lez Renovate Fine WoodWorking on that shed door, but remember, good things take time. And 'good enough' also seems to take a lot of time. Never mind 'jimmy it and see if it stays'.... it all takes time. Lots of renovating, need more Lez!
 cool j out


  1. You should probably never expect the chisels that you buy from Canadian Tire to be sharp enough to shave your arm. Sharpening it further is recommended for that, but the sharpness that you need is dependent on the job that you need it for. You know? No point in honing a really keen edge if you're just cutting shit apart with some brute force. If you're going for more fine strokes then you should NEVER use brute force. Let the chisel/tool do the work - hence the need for a keen edge. And remember kids: Never put your body in the line of fire. Ie: hands and fingers clear of the cutting edge!