Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To not be a slumlord

LL says:

Ok - so it has been awhile since we have posted anything. Well, with good reason. A break!!! Man - that basement suite was eating me alive. And we also felt it necessary to focus on finding a tenant. And that we did. Stay tuned for more info on that. But for now, I just wanted to talk about what it feels like to be a homo owner,  a renovator and now, a landlord.

All my adult life I have struggled with paying bills, rent and fighting the injustices of the world. I have had my fair share of crappy situations and crappy landlords. I even wrote a song with my ex-band New Years Resolution called Slumlord. Here's a little video that a friend put together:

So I'm pretty adamant about being a respectful, fair and overall cool landlord. That's why we didn't jack up the rent for a 2 bedroom suite, which in Vancouver is very hard to come by. And of course we can't avoid fixing things in the suite because we live above the tenants. I was talking to a friend at a show last night and she said the she has been waiting for her landlord to install doorhandles for 2 years. Well - of course I shook my head. Damn landlords, and really - doorhandles are very easy to install. I'll give you folks a tutorial video one of these days. But that's besides the point. I will never say that I will do something and not follow up. It may take some time, but not 2 years!

I have lived in some gross places. The apartment that had mice living in the walls, the main floor of a house that had 3 dogs living in the suite above me and the tenants rarely let them out so they would pee in the suite hence leaking down into my living room and of course the expensive bachelor concrete shoebox. I used most of my monthly pay cheque to pay rent and it had a tiny patio big enough for a burglar to crawl up into and look into my window as I looked out trying to figure out what that sound was. He ran off and to this day I regret not calling the police. I figured that the amount of money I was paying covered security. Obviously not.

We are going to provide our tenants with security, comfort, financial ease and fairness. I'll be a good landlord because I'm a good tenant. Know what I mean? I'm sure you do.

So here's to the rad landlords of the world! You know who you are and we appreciate you!


  1. Bring back New Year's Resolution!

    And congrats on becoming landlords! Our current landlords bought us a Christmas and wedding present. My previous landlord would steal our garbage.

  2. Aaron - ;) - thanks for the video!
    Smoking Lily - thanks!
    heyheather - I wish, and thanks!