Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Cool J says...i'm back! Hi there. 
LL is our expert on multimedia and online presence (and to be honest, a lot of the reno skills now)  but don't worry. I'm still here. Trudging downtown to the Day Job Monday-Friday to finance this whole endeavor.  And I've been down in that basement-- I mean "ground level garden suite" --more weekends & evenings than I care to count. I'm as usual stretched thinner than my renovation budget or a bungee cord holding lumber in an open hatchback, but we near the end....

I keep asking my brother to come help. But funnily enough, people who have done one basement suite seem more than willing to lend tools & advice, but aren't so keen to repeat the experience. Brother can't make it because he's on his way to Vegas to see UFC. I'll show him the New UFC -
Ultimate Feminist Construction! ...


East Vancouver, May 2010. Fans will be pumped to witness a once-in-a-litetime event that will blow their minds!

See top challenger, KP return from her December grudge match with The Kitchen. She resurfaces this spring,  ready to chop up her new challenger, Baseboards and finish them off with her signature move, Hammer Strike.


Lez Reno fans were  stoked to meet J & A, an electrifying duo new to the Georgia Street Octagon. In an impressive 3-hour struggle against the mighty opponent, Vintage Wiring, they emerged triumphant. Enjoying the sun and roar of the fans while her assistants mopped up the carnage, J had this to say, "We snipped'em off short, twisted'em up, and secured'em tightly in box after box. That Vintage Wiring won't be zapping anyone any time soon." Seasoned Lez Reno scrapper, Cool J, was star struck, "Watching J & A handle Vintage Wiring was just such an eye opener. I learned so much about how to control what seemed like a deadly opponent. J&A just grab'em &  twist'em, it all happened so fast- I had tears in my eyes". Cool J took a much earned break after the Custom Cabinets Challenge to coach some new contenders.

The weekend's UFC round-up included some newcomers to the Lez Reno family.

LJo had all the right tools to turn the screws until Cupboard Doors gave up and surrendered to her persistence. The win hinged on timely coaching, and LJo was all smiles and thumbs up on her way to the showers.

Saturday's weekend warm-up series saw newbies SM & SP each make a respectable showing that advanced the team's overall score toward the gold medal finals this month. 

Watch UFC (Ultimate Feminist Construction) Live! Live! Live ! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!
and Sunday. And Monday night, and Wednesday night. And most afternoons for LL. And then next weekend. etc.

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