Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lez have some fun times gosh darnit!

LL says:

So last weekend we went out for dinner, a couple beers and laughs. Which we needed. Things have been a bit stressful lately. Since we have surpassed our finish date (a few times) our money tree is looking over pruned. We are so damn close though! Just have to keep pushing through.

We also reminisced about the good 'ole days of visiting friends, hanging out reading and going on mini vacations. Ahhhhh - good times. I want to make sure that this summer is full of them. Here are a couple excerpts from our 3 page list:

- lake swimming at least 3 times a month
- rock n' roll bonfire in the backyard
- ride bikes around the seawall, have a drink at Monk McQueen's then watch the fireworks
- yard sales!
- Bumbershoot!!
- NomeansNo at the Biltmore on July 1st!!!
- go berry picking and then pet some goats
- Powell street festival
- the drive-in
- sleep in

Those are just a few of the fun times we plan to have. What kind of fun times are planned for your summer?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lez Do a California Patch - Handy Tip #2

LL says:

Do you have a hole in your wall and you don't know how to patch it up? Well, take a look - we show you how to do a California patch!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cake Contest

Enter your yummy vegan chocolate cake recipes here! We will make the cakes and the one we find the most delicious, wins! What will you win you ask? Well, a goodie bag of music made by yours truly (and a couple surprises).

Contest ends June 11, 2010

Good luck!

To hear all about the contest, watch the latest Lez renovate video - Lez Make a Cake!

After Ellen webisode 2 - Lez Make a Cake

LL says:

Hello peeps,

Happy Friday! And for Canadians, a super happy Friday because of the long weekend. I wish that meant that we could go outta town for a few days. I think we may go to Ikea in Coquitlam, but that's about it. We are spending our long weekend in the basement. Sounds depressing, I know, but don't worry - we plan to have a bbq, drink some beers, go to Homo Depot and give high fives for a job well done.

In the meantime, check out the latest episode of Lez Renovate on After Ellen.

Lez Make a Cake - Concrete and cake. How are they similar?

So whatever you are up to the weekend, wear sunscreen, drink lots of water, don't swim in brown water and give high fives to your pals. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dear basement suite,

Dear basement suite,

Hi, how are you? Good I hope. I'm doing okay. A bit busy right now, but that's alright. I'm learning a lot and I love the satisfaction of doing things right. It's hard though, with you. I know that we have been spending lots of time together lately and I feel like I need to get a few things off my chest.

When we first met, I felt sorry for you. No one was taking care of you. You looked tired and unappreciated. So I made it my mission to make you feel better and let you know that everything is going to be ok. I could tell that you welcomed the attention, but I'm pretty sure that the horrendous task of performing surgery on you has left you a little pissed off at us. In all seriousness, we did it for your own good. Your ticker was about to go, you showed signs of incontinence and your wardrobe was outdated. You needed help. Now, we need help.

Lately we have been dealing with annoyances that are reminiscent of a rebellious teenager. I mean come on, do you really have to make me search for the EXACT screw for your bathtub faucets? Or that not all of your ceiling vents are the same size? Or that providing a pony wall for your leaning pleasure was like pulling teeth? Is this your way of acting out? Maybe you can just talk to us. Are you scared to be alone after its all done? Scared that the new people that will live with you won't give you the same attention? Well of course they are not going to give the same attention! Not even close! I have seen your insides, I have given you a month long massage with sand paper and I even made friends and helpers be nice to you. What more do you want?

I know what I want. I want a day where I don't run into problems that make me pull my hair out. Why won't you let the recycled wood shelves fit? Why won't you let the new bathroom fan vent fit? Why do we have to go to Homo Depot 3 times, A DAY!! It's simple, just let me do my job and we can all go about our lives without any resentment. Please don't hold it against us that we had to gut you to make you feel better. And I won't hold all these irritants against you, just let us finish already!

Ok - are we good? I'm sorry that I had to bring this up but it does make me feel better to talk about it. Plus, it didn't seem like you were going to speak up anyways. I'm sure we can be friends, and once we get past this, we can move on and have someone move in.



Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring has sprung!!

LL says:

So spring is here. The birds are chirping and Menue is staring at them, the weeds in the garden are blooming and spreading and so are my allergies. And the neighbours are coming out of their winter solitude to mow their lawns, have keggers and play Japanese flutes through their screen doors. I, on the other hand, like to sit on my front porch and watch all the activity. It's fascinating. I was mowing the lawn, with our recently acquired 30 yr old push mower, when I met a new neighbour and her young daughter. She didn't shy away from telling me how much she payed for her house 5 years ago. And that when our house was up on the market, she looked at it. I said we were in the process of renovating the basement suite. She said good and gave me that grossed out look that you give when you feel sorry for somebody having to deal with grossness. I laughed. But was happy to meet a neighbour that I can relate too, since my kegger days are kinda over. I like wine now.

This weekend is going to be full! It's all the annoying little things that need to be tended to. Like the last coat of paint on the bathroom door, caulking the window moulding, attaching the new bathtub faucets (which is proving to be a little problematic), flip the fridge doors, cut the bedroom doors to size and paint, wash the blinds, attach the closet rods and shelf, clean the grout lines in the bathroom and kitchen, blah - blah - blah. Oh yeah, have the counter tops installed, install the carpet and attach the baseboards. Little things. Oh brother. But the counter tops are being installed next week sometime, so we have sometime to work on the kitchen cabinets a little bit more. Oh, and we have to pick a backsplash for the kitchen. Fun. I love the decor picking more than the construction digging. Personally. We have an Ikea trip planned in our near future which I'm excited about. Shopping at Homo Depot has gotten to be routinely boring, at least with Ikea I can pretend that we are almost done the renovation. Haha.

So it has come to my attention that some people have been waiting for us to upload new photos showing the status of the reno. Check out our FLICKR account for an update! Just a couple. More later.

So I just finished updating my iPod with some metal like Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, System of a Down. Plus a little indie rawk like Hot Snakes and Superchunk Now I'm ready to tackle the basement!! Off I go.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Cool J says...i'm back! Hi there. 
LL is our expert on multimedia and online presence (and to be honest, a lot of the reno skills now)  but don't worry. I'm still here. Trudging downtown to the Day Job Monday-Friday to finance this whole endeavor.  And I've been down in that basement-- I mean "ground level garden suite" --more weekends & evenings than I care to count. I'm as usual stretched thinner than my renovation budget or a bungee cord holding lumber in an open hatchback, but we near the end....

I keep asking my brother to come help. But funnily enough, people who have done one basement suite seem more than willing to lend tools & advice, but aren't so keen to repeat the experience. Brother can't make it because he's on his way to Vegas to see UFC. I'll show him the New UFC -
Ultimate Feminist Construction! ...


East Vancouver, May 2010. Fans will be pumped to witness a once-in-a-litetime event that will blow their minds!

See top challenger, KP return from her December grudge match with The Kitchen. She resurfaces this spring,  ready to chop up her new challenger, Baseboards and finish them off with her signature move, Hammer Strike.


Lez Reno fans were  stoked to meet J & A, an electrifying duo new to the Georgia Street Octagon. In an impressive 3-hour struggle against the mighty opponent, Vintage Wiring, they emerged triumphant. Enjoying the sun and roar of the fans while her assistants mopped up the carnage, J had this to say, "We snipped'em off short, twisted'em up, and secured'em tightly in box after box. That Vintage Wiring won't be zapping anyone any time soon." Seasoned Lez Reno scrapper, Cool J, was star struck, "Watching J & A handle Vintage Wiring was just such an eye opener. I learned so much about how to control what seemed like a deadly opponent. J&A just grab'em &  twist'em, it all happened so fast- I had tears in my eyes". Cool J took a much earned break after the Custom Cabinets Challenge to coach some new contenders.

The weekend's UFC round-up included some newcomers to the Lez Reno family.

LJo had all the right tools to turn the screws until Cupboard Doors gave up and surrendered to her persistence. The win hinged on timely coaching, and LJo was all smiles and thumbs up on her way to the showers.

Saturday's weekend warm-up series saw newbies SM & SP each make a respectable showing that advanced the team's overall score toward the gold medal finals this month. 

Watch UFC (Ultimate Feminist Construction) Live! Live! Live ! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!
and Sunday. And Monday night, and Wednesday night. And most afternoons for LL. And then next weekend. etc.

Check flickr for more pics

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lez renovate joins!

Great news everyone. We have been asked by the lovely ladies at to create episodes for their ever popular vlog series! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the website, has become the leading entertainment site for and about lesbian and bisexual women, with news, reviews, interviews and commentary on lesbian and bisexual women in TV, movies, music and more.

Check out the first episode - including the new theme song for Lez Renovate. You'll be humming it for weeks.

Happy Friday everyone!

LL and Cool J

Monday, May 3, 2010

Why are we so tired?

LL says:

Geez, I'm tired this morning. Could be the fact that (1) we put about 30 hours of work into the basement this weekend, or that (2) we gorged ourselves on a decedent chocolate cake that I made for Cool J's birthday that was, how did my brother-in-sorta-law put it..... a BCDD (birthday cake diary dream), or that (3) Menue woke us up at 6:30am this morning for food and a play session that included attacking our feet as we lie in bed. I think its all of those combined that make it hard to open my eyes. The coffee has been made and my day is under way - reluctantly.

Let's talk about the 3 things that have made us tired..

(1) The basement.

Oh the basement. I worked on the bathroom while Cool J worked in the kitchen. And we made 3 trips to Homo Depot. Saturday we were off to a good start, felt pretty good with the progress until we both had "damn it!" moments. Cool J realized, after she cut a bunch of holes in it, that the cabinet we were going to use to hold the range hood was too low and if used, we would have to cut a hole through the range hood to see the food you were cooking because it's so low. I was working on recycling some baseboard trim in the bathroom, measuring lengths and figuring out how to make 45 degree angle cuts on the chop saw. That was fun and interesting to learn. Not fun = finding out that the wood trim I just cut wasn't going to work because one long wall is totally not level and there would of been a gaping whole under one of them. Grrrr. So, its off to Homo Depot - again! This time to purchase rubber trim molding, easy to mold around difficult walls. And appropriate for bathrooms. Ok. So I put that up and continued to scrub down the all the tile preparing to seal and caulk it. Jax figured out a different solution for the range hood and painted all the kitchen cabinets. Lots of painting.

(2) The birthday

Cool J had her birthday on Sunday and I promised, as any good girlfriend would, to make her a birthday cake. And like my dad taught, research your recipe and get it right! So, I did. And I chose a chocolate layer cake that included several varieties of dairy and sugar. Jax would describe it as a sugar bomb. I regret to say that I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. I was pretty proud of it. But here is a picture of the left overs:

All who partook in this delight felt the immediate need to sleep. Sugar. Bomb. And I was particularly proud of the fact that I used a piping bag to accent the outer rim and write her name in the middle. And as I was icing it, I noticed that I was using the same method I was taught to use when mudding drywall. Interesting.

(3) Menue

Little munchkin. Her description on the SPCA website said that she is a party girl! Is she ever. She loves to lick, wake up early to play and talk a lot. It's hard to get mad at the overwhelming cuteness when I'm tired.

How can you get mad at this face? 

So we found out that our party neighbours are having another kegger this coming weekend.  Complete with a beer pong table. We saw that they were sanding a huge table and stringing a massive tarp up in the backyard. Badly I might add. Thank god I am leaving town to give my mom a big hug this weekend. J is planning to work on the basement and crash said party with a bunch of our friends. Maybe she'll make some new friends, or enemies. Who knows. All I know is, we still need to work. And if we need to start a chop saw the next morning.... so be it.

Ok - enough of blahging, need to get to work!