Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's up you say?

LL says:

Holy crap - whirlwind! We are racing towards the finish line. It has been awhile since I have updated the blog because we have been so busy! And, my Mac was in the shop getting fixed so I didn't have a computer to work with. But now I do and now I feel the need to update the masses. :)

Well. Let's see. What have we been doing in the last week? Mudding, sanding, painting, hanging kitchen cabinets and laying cement. Yep. Lots. And being this far with visible progress is so satisfying. I mean, seeing your walls open for months and not seeing an end in sight is kind of depressing. But now we have seen the light. The light at the end of Garden Suite 2.0.

You know that we have mudded, sanded and painted before - so that's nothing new. But we haven't hung cabinets before! Right. My sister's bf came over to help with leveling the cabinets on the wall and working out how it would all fit together. Seeing how unlevel the kitchen floor is made me laugh. The shims that we used for the cabinets were hilarious. But, it will do the trick. We are going to paint them and then cover up the various unlevelness of it all with molding. Ahhhhh molding, renovation solutions to the stars.

In the past week we have had various friends and family (thank you Lyn, Heather, Chris and Blair) help us paint everything. We are nearly done with that. Just have to decide on a colour for the kitchen and throw a coat of paint on a couple of closets. Then it's the molding. Ahhhhh molding, renovation solutions to the stars. Ohh wait, I think I already said that.

And today we decided that we needed to level the concrete floors a little more. Which meant hand mixing 12 - 55 pound bags of sanded concrete and smoothing out the mountain range that is our basement suite. It took all day and I now have a couple a blisters that are reminiscent of the drummer hands that I used to have. Fun. Now I'm ready to rock out in my soon-to-be-constructed jam space! Lez Renovate - Season 2.

Ok - enough talk. Now we must clean the upstairs because the layer of drywall dust that has accumulated is gross.

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