Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Post Apocolympic

LL says:

So the never ending saga of electric mayhem continues due to a little sporty event that took over the city. Hydro was unwilling to come over for couple hours to switch a big expensive cable until said sport event was over. So here we are, post apocolympic, having our house lit up like a x-mas tree. Well not quite, but we now have outside outlets to string lights if we want. Or, to use for our ever popular Movie-On-The-Shed series. What movie(s) will it be this year? I was thinking Footloose, some friends of mine were suggesting The Money Pit. Hrrmp.

So the electrics are near done, the plumbing is near done and now its on to dry walling, running drier vents and cutting holes in the side of our house. We have both come down with a case of power-toolitis because of over usage. Our reciprocating saw packs a punch but the old and tough innards of Georgia Cottage made it difficult to saw through. Hence the jarring cuts, hence power-toolitis.

But, we will press on. Looking forward to having my life back. When we had friends over for dinner and drinks, movie-on-the-shed, going to movies, going to shows and sleeping in. Next year. Maybe next year.

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