Friday, March 5, 2010

The big snit

Cool J here sawing sawing, always sawing. As you heard, it's been a a tough few weeks over at Georgia Cottage. We are mostly over the big snit & have decided "lez be friends". However, the sawing gave LL a sore wrist, me a numb thumb, yet we still want to have FUN. And still need to saw a hole in the side of our house to vent the dang dryer. Sawing sawing, always sawing. And shaking our eyes with dismay at the vast amounts of work to do.

A typical evening at LezReno headquarters goes like this:
Lezreno 1: "Oh, i have to cut another 2 x 12 foot strip out of the drywall in the ceiling to put in the dryer vent"
Lezreno 2: "maybe we should just take out the whole ceiling while we're at it."
Lezreno 1: "ok, i like demolishing. how much more work could it be??"

Beware the "While we're at it". Next thing you know, you have drywall chunks in your ears, spider webs & freaky electrical wires exposed above your head, and you're on the phone to a friend to borrow a truck for yet another pricey big load of something at the home store...

And 'while we're at it' , we've opened the discussion about changing the vintage furnace & mini hot water heater. Maybe a tankless hot water heater. Maybe an electric furnace, now that we have all those amps? anyway, we should decide now, while we have the ceiling open. We may need to replace the furnance ducts anyway, because in Canada you can now only use high efficiency gas furnaces, which need special ducting. and therefore special holes cut in the ceiling & walls. etc etc. Hey, while we're at it, why not spend another 5-8 THOUSAND dollars, since the basement ceiling is all ripped apart anyway.

ah well. luckily spring is coming. who needs a furnace anyway! We can run our ad for tenants in northern towns: "Seeking students moving to vancouver who want to still feel like they live "North of 60."

So another weekend ahead for Lez Reno. Sawing sawing always sawing. Maybe a bit of time for brunches & bike rides & oscar parties. Were we nominated for best blogumentary?

This weekend we'll be learning about hanging batt insulation in the ceiling of the basement to sheild our ground floor dwellers from the racket of our prancing & Stomping. We'll be making some tough decisions about furnaces, hot water heaters, and floor leveling. We will aim to have SOME fun, and HIRE someone to replace all that drywall & mud & tape. Sawing sawing always sawing.

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  1. Haaaaaaa Ha. shaking of the eyes. I loves it because its true!